Auto Insurance

car auto vehicle insuranceWe do our very best at Wilkinson Insurance Agency to make sure your car insurance coverage properly protects you and your family from the unknown.  There are lots of people who don’t have any insurance and even more who don’t have enough. We don’t want you to be in either of these two groups so we urge our clients to carry at least 100/300 in liability.

Because every company is different, coverage limits, deductibles and optional coverage may differ some; however, the design of the policies are the same.

Our basic auto insurance policies offer:

  • bodily injury liability
  • property damage liability
  • medical payments coverage
  • un-insured motorist protection
  • under-insured motorist protection
  • comprehensive coverage on your vehicle (optional)
  • collision coverage on your vehicle (optional)
  • towing & roadside assistance (optional)
  • rental car coverage (optional)
  • loan/lease gap coverage (optional)

Some of our carriers even offer coverage for ride-sharing (Uber & Lyft drivers.) This helps to fill the gap in insurance after a fare is accepted by the driver but hasn’t been picked up yet.

In order to keep rates low, some of our companies have programs that give discounts for safe driving habits and for low mileage. You can plug a small device in your car and see your progress for the length of the program (usually about 90 days.)

We also know that adding young teen drivers can give you sticker shock so we do our best to make sure you are taking every discount possible. Many on our companies offer good student discounts, driver’s ed discounts, distant student and youthful loyalty discounts and more.

You put your trust in us to make sure your policy is well-written, maintained and serviced so we take that job very seriously. We sleep better at night knowing our customers are well taken care of because we take the time to understand their insurance needs.

Also, you might consider an umbrella policy that adds liability above and beyond your existing home and auto policies. They are affordable and help protect your assets and even future wages.

Visit our “Resources” tab and use our umbrella calculator to see if it makes sense for you!

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