garage liability insurance

What does garage liability cover?

A garage liability, or “garage-keepers” policy protects your business against property and liability losses. You have a a lot of property to protect- your inventory, your office equipment, tools, not to mention other people’s cars! Costs can add up quickly on damages to cars caused by vandalism or theft. What if your shop catches on fire? How devastating to your business would a loss of that size be and could you recover?

Plus, there are many liability risks as well. It’s important to have protection for faulty repairs on your customer’s cars. If you repair the brakes on someone’s car and they fail causing an accident, then you can be liable for damages. After all, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen and people make mistakes. Negligence doesn’t have to be intentional- you can be liable for accidents too.

You can also have coverage to redo work on a faulty install. Labor and material costs can add up quickly especially if you have to do the work twice but only get paid for it once.

Several coverage options are available too.

To make sure you have the best coverage possible, contact Wilkinson Insurance Agency in Brownsburg. Let us tailor a garage liability policy designed just for you and your business.