Your Homeowner's (or Renter's) Renewal Is Coming Up!

Emily Smith, CSR/Agent

You are a valued client and we are constantly striving to find creative and innovative ways of delivering excellent customer service to you.

Because life changes,  your insurance needs change too and we feel it’s very important to check with you regularly to make sure we have up-to-date information to ensure you’re properly covered.

We have a very short questionnaire for you to complete. It should only take about 2-3 minutes to complete and will greatly help us keep your info up-to-date. Thanks for your cooperation and participation!

Is there a spouse, significant other, or co-insured on this policy?

Best phone number for spouse, significant other, or co-insured

Email address for spouse, significant other, or co-insured?

Has your marital status changed in the past year?
noyes, widowedyes, divorced

In the last 9-12 months:

Has anyone moved in or out of the household?
*students away at college are considered household members

Have you installed a security or fire alarm system monitored through a paid service?

Has any member of the household started a business in the home?
*any type of business that generates more traffic in/out of home

Have you made any significant home improvements?*
*wiring, HVAC, plumbing, roof, additions, etc...

Have you purchased any other properties?
*rentals, secondary or seasonal home

Have you purchased any of the following or similar items?

Have you acquired any pets or livestock?

Have you installed any of the following or similar items?
nonepooljacuzzitrampolinefree standing wood stove

Have you acquired any valuable collections?
*artwork, jewelry, furs, precious metals or guns, etc...

Are you satisfied with your current deductible?
yesnocontact me with options

Have you considered bundling your autos with your homeowner's?
yes, I already doyes, please quote meno thanks

Your insurance company has additional coverage options for home you might be interested in.
(select your company below and choose the coverage(s) you would like more info about)

sewer or drain backupearthquakemine subsidence/sinkholewatercraft liabilityfarm equipmentfarm liabilityfarm livestockfarm propertyfarm operationsburied utility lineequipment breakdownidentity recovery/fraud
sewer or drain backupearthquakeAAA membership
sewer or drain backupearthquakesinkholeequipment breakdownassisted living carehome cyber protectionburied utility lineidentity theftfarming liability
sewer or drain backupearthquakeequipment breakdownidentity fraud expensedecreasing deductibleloss forgivenesspersonal injuryroof & siding matchingfarming liabilitywater seepage/leakageburied utility lineassisted living care
sewer or drain backupearthquakemine subsidencegolf cart coveragehome computer coverageidentity management
sewer or drain backupearthquakehome day carefarming liabilityroof & siding matchingburied utility lineidentity theft recoverypersonal offenseequipment breakdownhome warrantypet health insurance
sewer or drain backupearthquakeidentity recoveryhome systems protectioncyber/data breach/bullypersonal injury

How would you rate our service to you?
below averageaverageabove averagesuperior

Are there any areas you feel we could improve upon in providing service to you?

We welcome your feedback...

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