Emergency Contacts

Emergency Roadside

If you have roadside assistance on your policy and need immediate help, please contact the appropriate company below.

Contact your local towing provider and submit a receipt. Erie will reimburse the expense.

Roadside Services (800) 624-9820
Membership Roadside (800) 222-4357

Roadside Assistance
(866) 767-0150

Roadside Assistance
(800) 252-4633

Roadside Assistance
(800) 776-2778

Roadside Assistance
(877) 762-3101

Emergency Damage Response & Restoration

If you’re experiencing an emergency relating to water, fire or weather-related cause, first call 911. Consider one of these restoration companies to help with the aftermath.

Vehicle Glass Repair/Replace


New Vehicle Purchase Form

Are you adding or replacing a vehicle?

What coverage would you like on the new vehicle?
liability onlycomprehensive (no collision)comprehensive & collisionsame as vehicle being replacednot sure (call me)

What is the primary use for the new vehicle?
commuting to work/schoolpleasure use

Are you financing or leasing?
financingleasingno, I own it!

If it's financed or leased, would you like gap coverage? (this covers the loan amount if the vehicle is totaled and you owe more than it's worth)

Select all that apply. This vehicle:
has existing damagehas salvaged titlehas customized equipmentis garaged elsewhere

What is the total number of vehicles in your household including newly-purchased one?

If needed, attach file here (10Mb limit- jpg/jpeg/gif/png/doc/csv/pdf/xls files accepted)

I understand this is not a legal form and the act of submitting this form does not guarantee or bind coverage in any way. We will confirm with you that we received this information and begin processing it. If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please call us.
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